Applying for funds

We are pleased to be able to provide funds for many organisations and individuals, to meet community needs.

We do this through three charitable trusts that we administer:

  • Rotary Club of Dunedin Trust, for the physical and material needs of persons or families who through certain circumstances are worthy of financial assistance, to assist students financially for scholastic industry or aspirations to assist in education of the poor and/or their children, to assist in rehabilitation and generally to assist all in the manner consistent with the ideals and objectives of Rotary International. Grants are to be used for charitable purposes in Dunedin or elsewhere in New Zealand.
  • Mona Semke Trust, to assist distinguished young performing artists in obtaining tuition, training, education and participation in high grade competition and in higher level performance in the medium of their practice within the performing arts, generally restricted to young (under 30 years of age) Otago residents or students with not less than three years’ artistic education or experience in Otago.
  • Hugh Saunders Trust, for charitable and educational purposes which will benefit young people within the Otago/Dunedin area.
Alfred on Spirit of NZ“Thank you to The Trustees of the Dunedin Rotary Club Trust for providing me with $250 towards the Ten Day Youth Development Voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand. I had high expectations for the Spirit of New Zealand, and these expectations were completely surpassed. My highlight of the voyage was sailing over the rough sea to and from Great Barrier Island, being Navigator on Trainee day and meeting 34 other amazing and diverse people.
“The Spirit of New Zealand helped me to develop my communication, teamwork and especially leadership skills, and has given me an opportunity to enhance and build on these leadership skills through the possibility of going back on the voyage as a Leading Hand.
“This Ten Day Development Voyage was only made possible through kind contributions, as I can not fund it entirely myself. Once again, thanks to The Trustees of the Dunedin Rotary Club Trust for helping me to go on the Ten Day Development Voyage.
“Yours sincerely,
Alfred (I am middle on the right)”

An application form for funding is available here: REQUEST FOR FUNDS FORM Revised July 2013.

It should be noted that no funding grant will be available from any of the Trusts for sport, sporting activity or projects directly related to sport.  All funding grants are at the discretion of the club’s Board of directors and the trustees of the relevant trust.  Applications are considered every three months so applications for funding assistance should be lodged with the Rotary Club of Dunedin well in advance before funds are needed. No retrospective applications will be considered.

These Trusts are registered Charitable Trusts under the provisions of the Charities Act 2005.  Further information on the Trusts may be obtained from the Charities Commission website or by emailing us at .


2 Responses to Applying for funds

  1. I am looking for funding for a United Nations Youth Conference being held in Australia and Vanuatu! Any funding assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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